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If you are a Home Owner in an Over 50's Active Lifestyle Resort, Village or Homepark and are on the market or maybe thinking of selling in the near future and at this stage wondering how am I going to sell my home? Well here is your BEST opportunity of having your home appraised and marketed with our company Please consider our special offer of listing your home on "Australia's Number One" most successful and affordable exclusive Website A SELF-SELL SUPERMARKET designed especially only for Over 50's Home Sellers. 


This is the major question sellers need answers on before listing their home with local real estate agents! What sales experience, advertising, feedback assistance or a Data Base of Over 50's Buyers will they provide us in the selling of our home?

No doubt for the above you may already know all of the answers?

                          is Australia's Number ONE website to list your home on                                              

You only have to Google the words like, over 50's Lifestyle Resorts, homeparks or village homes for sale, to find your home listed on what has been voted the “Number One Website” by the Queensland Manufactured Home Industry for Sellers and Buyers in Over 50s Lifestyle Resorts. Our extensive internet advertising campaign for this website has the Over 50's active lifestyle resort-village homes for sale market totally covered attracting Australia wide over 50's Buyer enquirys. 

We have over 33 domain names registered to reach the Over 50s Market!! has (33) domain names registered to reach the Over 50's market, ensuring every prospective Buyer searching the internet for an Over 50s Resale home , will find your home listed "First" on

Sellers Now ask yourself where would you like your home to been seen first? 

Home sellers must always consider where they advertise their home on the internet, not by just choosing a local real estate agent or a free website in the first instance, which Sellers may find to be a total waste of lost selling time. Sellers listed with have discovered it only attracts Over 50's Buyers.

What name would you Google, to find out what over 50s resort-village homes are on for sale?

The new Baby Boomers Buyers Australia wide are now totally into iPads, Tablets and communicating on facebook, twitter and Skype. The “Silver Senior Searchers” have the knowledge and expertise of how to search the website, for over 50's lifestyle resort homes for sale, looking to what suits their budget and location. They rarely look past the first page on Google. They just Google those three words "Over 50's Resorts"

Sellers Now please consider the reasons why you should list your home on

By listing with, you will have the bonus backing and support of an experienced property advocate, to assist you as you throughout the selling process of your home. One who for the last 20 Years has exclusively specialised in the marketing of established homes in Over 50's lifestyle resorts, villages and homeparks. One who has produced amazing sales success of selling in Over 50's Lifestyle Resort Homes throughout Queensland. An Advocate who is available seven-days-a week! One who has empathy and sincerity to help Sellers with testimonials of success! 

Buyers can deal direct to inspect with the seller on

The big bonus in advertising with is every over 50's home Seller is on a Level Playing Field, where the Buyers are advised to "Go Direct To Inspect With The Seller". This is the best Self Selling advantage where you deal direct with the Seller.


You can  sell it yourself.  And if you personally conduct the inspection with a buyer who came off website advertising, there is NO COMMISSION to be paid by the Seller! 

*Pay commission only if SOLD by

In the event introduce the buyer and conduct the inspection of your home and complete the contract documents and bring about the sale then a $5,000 Commission Fee would be charged.

Now Sellers who would you really trust your most valuable asset to when selling?

This is the most important question you need to ask before you make the biggest mistake with your lifetime savings....Your Home! 

Yes you need to decide who has the most experience in marketing and to SELL my home?

The hurdles you have to get over firstly in achieving buyer enquiries, and secondly an inspection, to thirdly finally getting a contract on your home are simply enormous.  Therefore  one must decide before placing your home on the market "Who's my First & Best choice"?

Once you have made your decision, please call us on 0417 616 318

Or why not email me at to discover more of my secrets to selling resort-village-homepark established re-sale homes.

I really look forward to helping you with the sale of your home.

Yours personally,

Dennis Ring


Ring Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd

Expert Purveyor of Marketing & Selling Established Over 50's Lifestyle Resort Resale Homes

The Triumph Of Hope?

I am afraid to say I cannot quite recall who said it first, but what a wonderful expression “the Triumph of Hope over Experience”

Everyday over the past years, I have met many prospective sellers whom I have sought to convince them that the property market does not operate on a “Wing and a Prayer”

Often I find myself being consulted by sellers who have had their home on the market for more than one year and I accept in a difficult market occasionally there is no option. What I prefer to offer my clients is a “Combination of Positive Thoughts and Realism”.  Not always a very appealing concept for the prospective seller who is chasing the rainbows pot of gold price!

A seller needs to come to terms with the fact that their price will not be governed merely by their own needs to realise a sum of money for them to move forwards. The market and buyer will always deterime the final sale price!

I understand that “Selling Your Home Can Be An Emotional Strain” but more important for you the seller to understand Overpriced Homes HELP SELL Well Priced Homes First!

The Difference Between a Good Advocate And A Bad One simply cannot be established by listing with the agent who suggests the highest price, but rather employing one who is able to illustrate an “Effective Track Sales Record of Marketing Over 50’s Resort Homes and achieving the “Best Possible Price” for his sellers.


Others May Tell You What They Can Do For You!


  • Sales Results Over 50’s Resort Homes Sold
  • Seventeen Years Experience of Finding Buyers the Right Home & Resort
  • Exclusive Unique Website Targeting only the Over 50’s Buyers
  • Professional & Specialised Advocate
  • Complete Knowledge of Queensland Manufactured Homes Act
  • Back Up with Major Media Press Advertising
  • Access to Buyer Data Base of Over 50’s Qualified Prospects
  • Unbiased & Qualified Advice in Listing & Pricing
  • 5 Point Buyer Qualification before Conducting Home Inspection with prospective Buyer. 
  • Prepared to Conjunct with Other Agents or Resort Management
  • Buyer Inspection Updates & Feedback
  • Personal Advocotasy Assistance in the Selling of Buyers Homes.
  • Specialist Training Go Direct To Inspect With Seller and "How To Show Your Home"
  • Secret Formula of How To Sell Your Home Direct to Buyers.

You can rest assured that when you "List” your home and most valuable asset with the most professional service and hard work will be provided to sell your home in the shortest time frame.

The success of selling these Over 50’s resort homes is not only being a “Good Psychologist” but a “Great Negotiator” and most of all, being the Advocate that never forgets who has employed them.

So, if you are looking for that Specialist  Advocate” who has the marketing expertise, motivation, written testimonials and who can demonstrate Nineteen Years of Success in Selling Over 50’s Resort Homes” then I would strongly suggest you Try Me” because I’m the guy writing this article who has the Secret Marketing formula, selling expertise. I welcome your call on 0417 616 318 or Email: